Bedside Table Buying Guide


A side table is the supporting cast of the show, i.e. your room’s look. But they don’t utterly get the credits they deserve, still, they are important in their way. The bedside table is a vital resting spot for lamps, frames, and clocks, etc. They can step up the game of your room’s ambiance. But with that being said, it vital to consider the extensions which are size, material, design, and storage space. Follow our guide to find the right pick of a bedside table for your bedroom.

Important features:

  1. Size
  2. Type
  3. Material
  4. Storage

Key criteria for choosing a bedside table

Bedside tables are also known as nightstands are used to withhold bedtime accessories. Although they are smaller in size still they are ideal to place an alarm clock, telephone, and lamps. There are a lot of factors to take into account before investing in bedside table lamps. Here are they for your help.

  • Design:

Square, circular or rectangle, the list goes on. As there are countless colors and materials of afterpay furniture like its shapes. The uncomplicated way to tackle this confusion is to choose whether you want it to merge into your décor or want to make a style statement.

  • Function:

What’s cooking in your mind for your lovely bedside table? Select a design that fulfills your needs. Something with plenty of drawers and cubby holes is ideal to avoid muddling a room- you will always be able to locate the TV remote with one of these. It’s up to you if want to opt for a bedside table lamps for storage needs or solely for decorating.

  • Materials:

Looking for something classy and stylish? Maybe oaks are for you. Short on space? How about glass? The list goes on. The style and design of the style are directly proportional to the material as it decides the requirement of the afterpay furniture as well as the durability and looks.

  • Aftercare:

Glass attracts dust while a glass of water leaves a mark on a wood surface. Care requirements are also an important factor especially if you live in a dusty or deserted area don’t go for glass rather wood be a good option.

  • Size and space:

First thing first, make sure to measure the place where you want to place the afterpay furniture. The height of the table should match the size of your bed- you won’t be able to reach a cup of tea if your bedside table lamps are super tall. The rule of thumb is that the height of the side table should be equal or just below the bed or sofa arm.

It’s a win-win if you are looking to save some extra space in the room, some sofa beds come with an attachable bedside table.

Bedside Tables

Choosing a bedside table style:

  • Classic bedside tables:

With a tabletop and a drawer, a classic afterpay furniture lamps will stand out with any décor and style of the room. Classic is forever, they are always in vogue and won’t go outdated.

  • Designer bedside table:

Bedside tables aren’t all about functionality, it is also used as decorative elements. Be it with or without legs these tables come with contemporary material varying from glass, metal, and wood. Contemporary is a blend of super modern and traditional approaches.

  • Wall-hung bedside table lamps:

Tight on space? Go for wall-hung bedside tables, they are hooked on the wall. The plus side of these tables is that they don’t have legs to occupy space in the room, but they have limited storage space.

  • Storage cube Bedside table:

This bedside table comes in two shapes, rectangular and square. It is per your space requirement to proportionate these sturdy-looking-table. These tables offer enough space for storage.

  • Up-Cycled bedside table:

Anything can be modified with a bedside table lamps, be it stools, chairs, stepladders, tree stumps, crates, suitcases, and much more you name it. The sky is the limit to innovative style ideas for these tables. They can be custom-made.

  • Children’s bedside table:

The kid’s bedside table comes in customized design and shapes with extensive color range to play with. The materials used for these tables should be hard-wearing and should be easy to clean. Avoid glass or oaks.

Bedside Table style

Choosing a bedside table size:

The size of the bedside table lamps leans on the space you have in your room. But that’s not the only concern.

  • Bedside table height:

Your bedside table lamps should be equal or just below the bed, that’s how the ideal size works. Anything above the height of the bed or sofa would not be handy.

  • Bedside Table width and depth:

The width and depth of the bedside table depend on the size of your bed. For a queen-size bed, you may consider large bedside table lamps, while for a single bed you can opt a small size table. Of course, the storage capacity will be compromised with the size.

Bedside Table material: Style VS aftercare;

Bedside tables come in an extensive range of materials, but your choice will narrow down depending upon the style and aftercare. 

  • Glass bedside table:

Glass tops can make your room look bigger due to its transparency, giving it a sleek and streamlined view. They are easy to clean, with the help of a sprit any smudges can be cleared off easily. However, glass is fragile and sensitive to scratches.

  • Wooden bedside table:

Wooden bedside table lamps can complement any type of interior and style. Wooden helps to achieve a cohesive look in the room, be it solid wood or a composite, it will still give an elegant touch to the entire interior.

  • Metal bedside table:

Metal side tables are versatile and come in many different shapes and finishes. Opt-in for a retro design or an industrial look, afterpay furniture metal goes with the class. You may choose from aluminum, stainless steel, or wrought iron. To add, their cleaning differs from the style and finish of the material.

If you aren’t into cleaning more often, go for brushed metal or gunmetal, afterpay furniture it will make any dust go unnoticed due to its texture.

  • Rattan bedside table:

Rattan is another suitable substitute for a wooden bedside table lamps, they do look exotic. They complement alongside a wooden bed frame. It’s easy to clean, a cloth would do the job. For more precise and detailed cleaning a diluted linseed oil should be applied on it once in twice in a while.  

  • Bamboo bedside table:

Bamboo is environmentally friendly but it is quite costly but rare. Bamboo is used for furniture because it looks refreshing and adds a unique style to your room. They are easy to clean.

  • PVC bedside table:

PVC is one of the most common and cheap materials used for the bedside table. They are very light weighted, perfect for kid’s furniture. Their color range is fascinating compared to any other material. The only drawback is it’s sensitive to scratches, so cleaning can be a hassle.

bedside table with lamps

Bedside Table storage, space VS functionality:

Finding the right kind of storage for your bedside table lamps depends on your needs. A basic cube-shaped table can be used to put a lamp and clock openly, while shelved units with two or three drawers can be used to hide the mess.

In the last, it all comes down to your needs afterpay furniture and the amount of storage you need to avail the maximum space in the room by choosing the right bedside table. Buy the best Furniture only from Furniturre to get perfect quality and great finish!

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