Choosing the Best Vibration Platform


If you have just stepped into the world of fitness or even if you have been here but do not know a lot about the machines and other fitness equipment, you may be thinking about what the Vibration machines are? So, the powerfit machines also known as vibration platforms are fitness equipment that has been innovated recently. They are gaining popularity due to two reasons: exercising is made easy with them, and when you pair it with additional exercises and a proper diet, you will see the results. 

This fitness equipment is simple to use and is fun. According to some studies, Vibration machines will improve the overall health of an individual. Suppose you force the muscles to contract as well as stabilize the body while exercising. In that case, the vibration platform will help you in optimizing the result of the low-impact calisthenics workout. If you stick to a routine that includes your vibration platform, you will be stronger, leaner, and will improve your circulation by staying at home. 

Choosing the powerfit machines is easy, although looking for the one that is best suited for you and the family is different. This fitness equipment is simple, and there are a few factors that must be considered, such as the vibration type, amplitude, size, etc. 

Types of Vibration


Various types of vibration plates will move in several ways, and the movements will affect your workout’s result. You can classify these vibrations into two categories that are, multi-directional and linear. Based on your objectives of using the vibration platform, you can look for the vibration types offered by the powerfit machines that you would be considering making sure that it will suit your needs. If you want a plane that is one-directional, then go for linear vibrations. It will vibrate in up and down motions and is great for bodybuilding. However, they may be uncomfortable for you to use when you are a beginner. On the other hand, the multi-directional vibrations move in different directional planes. They have many health benefits apart from toning your muscles. Almost everyone can use them and get the benefits of using them for bodybuilding or other purposes. 

Types of Motor

The motor types used in the vibration platform, which you may be considering, are a crucial decision to make when you are buying fitness equipment. Different types of motors are used for achieving several objectives during workouts, but it is often overlooked. If you want to use it at home and for rehabilitation, then the powerfit machines with one motor unit are the perfect ones. Everyone can use them, so they are family-friendly.

 If you want intense muscle contractions, you should go for dual-motor systems but make sure you have professional guidance. Dual motor units are perfect for bodybuilders and professional athletes who have their regimes designed and are training professionals to meet their training objectives.


Amplitude refers to the measurement of how far or high the vibration platform moves from the original position. It will translate to your body’s vibration magnitude that is felt by you and the workout results. If the amplitude is higher, the workout will be better. Higher amplitude means that the muscles will be working harder to regain balance. 

If you are unable to handle the amplitude, your workout will be ineffective as you will not stand on powerfit machines. Find the vibration machines that will balance the manageable amplitude supported by adequate frequency for getting effective results of your workouts. Primarily, Bodybuilders work with 10mm amplitude for muscle building.



Frequency is the number of times a powerfit machine will complete one movement cycle in one second. Hence, a higher frequency means your vibration platform will move faster in one second. Do not jump to get the fitness equipment with a higher frequency for getting maximum benefits because, based on your concerns, the highest frequency may not be suitable for everyone.

 If you want to soothe your sore and tense muscles and have toning benefits, then the powerfit machines with a lower frequency below 15Hz would be sufficient for you. Higher frequency is used by the seasonal buffs that are used to dealing with it. It is good to start with a lower frequency and then gradually keep on increasing the intensity.


G-force means the gravitational pull of Earth on the body. Do not be misled into buying the vibration platform with higher g-force if you are not ready for the powerfit machines. Do not pay more for the body vibration platform having higher g-force to ensure you get results. Safety must be your priority. 



During the exercise of the whole body, speed delivers the felt intensity. The vibration platform has different ranges of speed. Speed is essential if you like building the workout intensity and customizing it. 


It is essential to invest in the powerfit machines made with sufficient power for supporting the use and working smoother as you use this fitness equipment. If your powerfit machines have higher power, they will be better at handling heavy use when the vibration platform vibrates at higher amplitudes. 


If a company is offering a comprehensive warranty, it is a sign that they are confident about their powerfit machines. Look for money-back guarantees and accessible trails that the manufacturers are providing as they indicate that the product is stingy and sufficient.   

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