Few Essential Garden Tools That You Need


You can easily go overboard while you are buying the garden tools. They will need a lot of money as well as space for storage but if you focus on the basics; you can save your space and your money. There will always be better and bigger tools online but purchasing a high-quality garden tool that is within our budget and maintaining the tools, will go a long way and you can get a lot from your investment. Buy these 12 tools online that are important to keep you going through every project of the garden that is in our mind. 

1. Gloves

Gardening is a great hobby, but it can be a splintery and thorny hassle if you do not have the perfect pair of gloves. Your gloves should not be bulky and they must be durable when you are transplanting seeds or working with them. Store the gloves away from sunlight and water and save them from insects.  


2. Loppers

Another garden tool is the lopper that is used for cutting. Loppers are long-handled pruners that allow you to trim areas that you cannot reach easily and cut branches that are thicker. There are two types, namely bypass, and anvil types. The handles of loppers range from almost 16 and go up to 36 inches. Sharpen your loppers regularly and keep the blades in nice condition.   

3. Garden Fork

A gardening tool for efficiently turning soil is the garden fork. Garden forks will dig more into the dense soil as compared to the spade. The slightly curved spines of the fork are useful for turning compost piles or scooping mulch, similar to the pitchfork. Straighter tines are good for digging as well as rocky, compacted, or clay soil. 

Gardening Tools


4. Pruning Shears

Hand pruners, also known as secateurs, allow you to rein the plants that are not under your control or are taking over. There are two types of hand pruners, one is anvil style pruner and the second is bypass pruners. If you do not want to injure the plants and you want clean cuts then you should sharpen your pruners regularly. 

5. Hand Trowel

The important tools online is a hand trowel that is great for transplanting bedding herbs and plants, pulling the weed out, and planting containers. Trowels built from stainless steel, or with a stainless steel head, will last longer and are more durable. 

Gardening Tools

6. Spade

A garden tool that is known as a spade is a square short-handled shovel. They are the workhorses of the garden. They make your work a lot easy by digging holes for your plants, lifting sod, edging, and moving piles of dirt away from the garden to another place. It is an expensive garden tool but it will last for many years to come. Longer handles of spades will give leverage but they are heavier. Stainless steel heads will not rust and they are strong.   

7. Hoe

Your garden type will tell you the hoe that will be good for you. Hoes are amazing for the preparation of flower and garden beds as well as cutting the weeds down. Always look for a handle that is comfortable with a longer reach. Hoes with sharp blades are easier to use and work better. 

8. Rake

When the debris and leaves fall, this garden tool will take them away. Many options of rakes are there to choose from. There are many sizes and styles but for beginners. a standard leaf rake is great. You can get adjustable racks because of the multiple functions that they can do, like gathering larger leaves piles or going in narrow areas. 

9. Garden Hose with Adjustable Nozzle

Water is very important for the garden and it is important for the garden hose to reach each area and spray it. The three diameters of the hose are ½-inch, 5/8-inch, and ¾-inch. 

10. Watering Can

These tools online come in two types: metal and plastic. Many colours, sizes, styles, as well as nozzle options are available. Plastic watering cans are lighter as compared to metal watering cans. You will need two watering cans, a smaller one with a long neck for houseplants and a larger one with a sprinkler for outdoor plants.   

11. Watering Wand

A watering wand is the gardening tools that will allow you to give a gentle shower to your plants. Its extended reach will help you get to the containers that are not in the way, back edges of the border, and hanging plants. Watering wands are available in lengths ranging from 10 to 48 inches. Select the length that is appropriate for you. 

12. Wheelbarrow

If there is extra soil in the backyard that needs to be moved, mulch or compost that should be added to the garden beds, or moving projects and heavy lifting, then the wheelbarrow will help you drag many pounds.  

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Garden tools are important for maintaining your garden. Log on to ‘Gardening Tools Online’ to get the best gardening tools for your garden. We have everything that you will need to make your garden look more beautiful and maintained. 


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