Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheet Sets


Every one of us loves sleeping, and the bed is the only thing we miss throughout the day, so when you come home from a long day of work, the bed is the best companion you sleep in. It is also the hardest thing to leave when the alarm goes off in the morning, and an unknown power pulls you to it as if it never wants to let you go. It is this unconditional love of you for your bed that gives you a relaxed and comfortable sleep. 

For the sake of this love, you have to take care of the bed as well. Equip your bed with the best bed sheet sets that make your bed look fabulous. For hygienic purposes, you need to have sheet sets that suit your skin type, and they must be changed regularly, so it does not cause any skin conditions.

Bedsheet sets do not only make your beds look great but also provide you a more comfortable sleep. The best bed linens give you a soft and breathable bed. You need to be significantly considering the choice of your bed linens to have a perfect sleep. Here is the guide to a choice of perfect bed linens. 

Consider the fabric Of the Single Bed Sheets

Fabric is the essential thing that you should be considering before purchasing your bed double bed sheets. The fabric has to be very soft, smooth, and durable. There are various types of fabrics in which the queen bed sheets are manufactured. You can buy silk sateen bed sheet sets for a luxurious and cozy one. They grant your bed an elegant look and upgrade your lifestyle by enhancing the outlook of your bed. The cotton fabric is a casual one that is perfect for everyday use, and they are in high demand because they are 100% soft and affordable. 

This is the cheapest yet the most suitable fabric for everyday use. You can also buy weather-specific bed sheet sets that work perfectly under all weather conditions. Cotton is an all-rounder but more reliable in summers because of being lightweight. You can buy flannel fabric for the winters because they keep the bed warm and cozy.  While considering the fabric, you should see if they are easily washable and wrinkle-free, so they look good while they are spread on your bed. 

The thread count of Queen Bed Sheets

double bed sheets

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical lines of thread that are there in the fabric. A thread count is extremely important in making your double bed sheets comfy and soft. The higher the thread count is, the more durable and softer the queen bed sheets will be, and the thread count shows the bedsheet sets quality. The thread count of 300 to 500 is the most ideal.

 Anything below it is not very comfy, and synth count above 500 is merely a lie. Sometimes, it is not the thread count but the manufacturing that matters. The manufacturers can increase the thread count, but the quality does not improve because the fabric they use is not reliable. So before purchasing it, do not only consider the thread count. 

Consider the weaves of the Single bed sheets

The basic weave types are percale weave and sateen weave. Percale weave is manufactured like a grid-weave which usually is tighter than other weaves; it is smooth yet firm, non-glossy, and it is easy to wash. A sateen weave gives a softer and velvety touch, and customers prefer sateen weave because of being light, polished, and smooth. You should consider the type of weave a bed sheet set has because it affects the comfortability to a greater extent. 

Consider the size of the Queen Bed Sheets

You have various beds like single queen and king-sized mattresses and the double king and queen-sized beds. These are the standard sizes in which double bed sheets are available, but you should look more than that.

 Not only the size of the bed matters but the thickness of your mattress as well. If your mattress is tall, the standard size may not fit perfectly, so you should take proper measurements before your purchase so you get a sheet set that is best for your bed. You should also think about shrinking the queen bed sheets, so buy a double bed sheet that is a bit larger, so it does not shrink enough to be useless for you after a wash. 

Consider the Type for Double Bed Sheets

There are flat sheet sets and fitted double bed sheets. The flat sheet sets are plain pieces of cloth that are laid on your bed. Then there is a fitted double bed sheet that has elastic on the corner that is tucked under the mattress, which gives a perfect and wrinkle-free fit. You do not have to make your bed repeatedly if you have a fitted bed sheet set because it will stay in place. 

Look for the Colors and Designs of the Single Bed Sheets
single bed sheets

Double bed sheets are available in various designs and colors that you can choose according to your preference. Choose the colors that match your interior, like warm hues to vibrant colors. The patterns have to be selected according to your choice.

 There are modern and sophisticated patterns. The patterns in double bed sheets are also market segmented because there are several designs for kids, teenagers, and adults, and you can buy different designs for boys and girls as well. When choosing the color, make sure that the colors do not fade away after wash, and they stay vibrant and fresh as new. 

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