Tips on Choosing the Perfect Double Bed Frame in Australia


Getting the right Double Bed Frame is very important because it completes your bedroom’s look and everything else in the bedroom revolves around it. It also reflects your style and how you chose to show it off. When it comes to quality it cannot be compromised because it has an effect on your sleep and comfort. This makes choosing the best Double Bed Frame very important. Given ahead are the few things that need to be considered before buying a Double Bed Frame. Keep these in mind before you choose a Double Bed Frame for your bedroom.

1. Signs that a new Double Bed Frame is what you need

There are signs that might help you know when is the right time, to get a new double bed for your room. if you find yourself tightening the screw and hearing the creaks of the bed every time you move then consider it a sign. The mattress seems to sag because of bent slats which affect the quality of your sleep and gives you back pains, then this is also a sign. The third sign is when the wear and tear are visible on the frame then you are at risk of having an injury so it is better to consider to as a sign to buy a new Double Bed Frame.

2. Things to consider before buying  a Double Bed Frame

double bed frame

The following should be considered before you get a new double bed:

  • Mattress and measurements of the bed

A perfectly fit mattress gives a great look to your bed. Before buying a Double Bed Frame, measure the length and width of your mattress. Learning the difference between inner bed size and outer bed size is important because what you will need is the inner bed size.

  • Bedroom’s size

Australia usually has a smaller room where people do not have extra space. The bed frame afterpay would be the largest piece in your room. Measure the area in inches and centimetres both so that you can see the size of the double bed that you need. Measure it with extra care according to the space that you will be needing.

  • The material of Double Bed Frame

The materials that are used nowadays for Bed Frames are wood, upholstery, metal, and plastic. Wooden beds are usually made with solid or veneer wood. Make sure you check the wood matches with the weather conditions of Australia. If you opt for wood double kiln dried is best for Australia. Upholstery is the fabric that is padded on the bed; it is beautiful but high maintenance as compared to wooden beds. Metal beds are less popular as compared to wooden and upholstery but they are also an option. Plastic beds are best for children.

  • Bed foundations

Platforms, slats, and box springs are the common types of bed foundations available. Platform beds have a solid and flat surface for your bed; they provide a stable surface for your mattress. Slats can be made of either wood or metal. For the mattress to stay for longer, the slats should not be wide apart. The slats made of pine wood are good for pressure distribution and act as a supportive base for your mattress. Box spring is a box covered with fabric with springs inside. Box springs do not go with blow up single mattress, foldable double mattress and any mattress.

  • Types of Double Bed Frames

There are different types of double beds that you can choose from when it comes to buying a Double Bed Frame. A sleigh Double Bed Frame is made of solid wood with a curved headboard and footboard. The poster double bed is high maintenance but very stylish, with four vertical columns that are there to support the rectangular panel above. The bunk bed has two beds, on top of each other. A loft bed is like the bunk beds and saves space but space below works as a working space or playing area for children. A Murphy bed is a wall bed that is efficient in saving space and can be stored vertically under a closet or against the wall. A trundle bed is a wheeled bed that is low and stored under the normal bed which is usually thinner than the actual bed. A sofa bed can serve as a sofa and a bed, it is basically a couch that can be used as a bed. Choose whatever the best option is for the available space that you have and your style, then buy accordingly.

  • Storage options in beds

Double Bed Frames with storage options are also available. Gas lift beds  allow storage beneath your mattress. You can keep anything you want in this space. Divan beds have storage space as they have drawers in them that are covered with fabric so they do not look bad.

  • Style of the Double Bed Frame

Everyone prefers different styles when to double beds. Some prefer minimalistic rooms, some would prefer a bed with no footboard, and some would want a metal bed or a unique Double Bed Frame. Depending on the preferred style, you can choose which would be best for you.

  • Safety measures

Opt for beds that are chemical-free and not harmful for you because safety comes first. Choose Bed Frames that are handcrafted fine sanded and protected with the help of layers. If there are children, look for round corners of the bed so they do not hurt themselves.

  • Delivery and installation of the bed

Bed Frames are large and need assembling. Some people are good at assembling but some need help to check if the assembly service is free or has a cost. It is usually an easy job to assemble a double bed air mattress.

3.      The best Double Bed Frame in Australia

The best Double Bed Frame is a subjective term. Different people prefer different afterpay furniture according to their rooms and style.

the best double bed frame

Although few features are the same for everybody that includes, made of chemical-free solid wood, a base that fits your mattress perfectly, a storage space for putting items, improves sleep quality, made by following the global standards, and is being sold at an affordable price.

All of these tips that we have collected will surely help you in making an informed decision of buying a good Double Bed Frame for yourself in Australia. When you go to buy a Double Bed Frame, keep all of these in mind so that you can enjoy your shopping experience. Buy the best bed frames only at Mattress Offers and enjoy the best shopping experience ever with bed frames afterpay and other amazing payment options!


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